Current Projects

  • PCIP: system and software engineering of an advanced collection and processing system for the Naval Research Laboratory.
  • SRR: a software reconfigurable radio with Power PC general purpose processor and reprogrammable FPGAs for numerically intensive real time operations.
  • Vessel Tracking Project (VTP): Navy initiative to improve Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)
  • Self-Aware Space Situation Awareness (SASSA): Air Force science and technology demonstration program to develop a hardware/software architecture using a suite of threat warning instruments hosted on a space vehicle.
  • SASSA Testbed: End-to-End performance testing of integrated SASSA space segment, provides validation of new mission related software uploads, aids in on-orbit anomaly resolution, and used to test future technology insertion

Past Projects

  • On-Board Processor (OBP): Applications software, hardware support for a spaceborne high performance multiprocessor.
  • Direct Support Multiprocessor (DSM): High performance multiprocessor proof of concept with Cross Point Switch backplane.
  • Solid State Bulk Memory (SSBM) study: Reliable 1.58 Gbit fault tolerant solid state memory for 5 year mission. Advanced ceramic packaging, radiation shielding.
  • MAZE/ALVA: advanced algorithms for data mining and integrity validation.



Current ESCA Projects

  • Home health care networked appliance and monitoring system developed for commercial customers.